where does the lipstick go?
me and my dad in San Clemente
my sister Willow and my dad at the park
my first train ride
this is how I eat my berries
My proud sister when I was two months old
Did someone say, Smile?
taking a rest while my mom shops
my mom and dad
my sister, Willow, eating her favorite food
me and my dad in the snow in downtown L.A.
that turkey looks good
I like these flannel sheets
don't bother me!
I like my red hat!
me and my cousin Hunter
Popsicles, a hot Palm Springs day and naked sisters
Aunt Holly and Jeff
Me and uncle Greg dog sledding
My first pony ride
Willow likes to change my diaper
I just love to smile
I have the whole world at my finger tips
Willow is a great driver!
drying off after a long swim
I told you, I like regular milk, not non-fat!
I am so happy to make cookies
me at Tony Roma's
Dad, uncle Greg and Willow
mom in her favorite hat
swinging in Pan Pacific park
me and my daddy
Lulu and Bela
Grandma and me and Willow
Jump, Jump, Jump
Willow and mom at the museum
daddy ice climbing in Ouray, Colorado
Nana and Papa at New Years Eve in Tahoe
Willow, Mom, me and daddy
Aunt Synde and Hunter
don't take my sucker
mom at Willow's birthday party
I want it to be my birthday cake
Mom taking a ride at disneyland
Willow and daddy at disneyland
mom enjoys the tennis tournament
papa is reading us our favorite story
aunt Sindy, me and Willow in the backround
pony rides at home
Nana and my cousin Sophia
My sister and her new dress!
my first time underwater in mexico
these are shells
underwater in Hawaii
My sister the Texas hick
I love steak
me, my sister and my dad in Cabo
my favorite time to do the crosswords
the beach in Maui
Mom and Dad in Hawaii
Willow looks bored!
Look at all the flowers.
This is sooooo fun!
I bet mom is worried!
Why go into the slide when you can just sit on top of it?
Willow's new dress
what boat
mom and Willow under water
My fourth birthday cake
I am so happy because I got to ride my favorite pony
can you say, ORANGE?
this skiing stuff is cooool